Zanovi™ Smart Posture Corrector + FREE Perfect Posture eBook
Zanovi™ Smart Posture Corrector + FREE Perfect Posture eBook - Zanovi
Zanovi™ Smart Posture Corrector + FREE Perfect Posture eBook - Zanovi
Zanovi™ Smart Posture Corrector + FREE Perfect Posture eBook - Zanovi
Zanovi™ Smart Posture Corrector + FREE Perfect Posture eBook - Zanovi
Zanovi™ Smart Posture Corrector + FREE Perfect Posture eBook - Zanovi
Zanovi™ Smart Posture Corrector + FREE Perfect Posture eBook - Zanovi
Zanovi™ Smart Posture Corrector + FREE Perfect Posture eBook - Zanovi
Zanovi™ Smart Posture Corrector + FREE Perfect Posture eBook - Zanovi
Zanovi™ Smart Posture Corrector + FREE Perfect Posture eBook - Zanovi

Zanovi™ Smart Posture Corrector + FREE Perfect Posture eBook

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You can't put a price on good posture. Our brace has been shown to improve posture in 2 weeks or your money back guaranteed. 

Made of high-elastic nylon belt, the Zanovi™ smart brace is designed to fit most sizes. Wear it comfortably at work, the gym, and even under your clothes to enjoy good posture all day, everyday!

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Why Do I Need This

Everyone knows that poor posture is bad for long term health. If you’re in front of a screen all day or do lots of physical activities, chances are you suffer from slouching and poor posture.

It can be easy to slip into a slouch when we get caught up in finishing that project on time or rushing to get the kids to school and practice.

Maybe you’ve unconsciously had poor posture for years. Maybe you’re on your feet all day, sitting down working for hours, or spending lots of time doing heavy lifting.

When poor posture is not fixed, it slowly leads to more problems. Some common problems that result from poor posture are:

☞ Headaches 
☞ Muscle Fatigue
☞ Body Aches
☞ Back Pain
☞ Poor Focus
☞ Poor Air & Blood Circulation
☞ Increased Stress
☞ Digestive Issues

The Zanovi Smart Posture Brace is guaranteed to improve your posture within 2 weeks or your money back, no questions asked!


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 Improved health, appearance & confidence - A good posture makes you look more attractive; it inspires confidence & power. Even appear a few pounds lighter & add an inch or more to your height.

 Helping alleviate depression & stress - Physical therapists have concluded that your poor posture can put you in a depressed mood more frequently & make you feel more stressed. 

 Reduced back, neck & shoulder pain - Poor posture produces tremendous tension & muscle tightness that results in all sorts of pains. Prevent, heal, & relieve this pain with a good posture.

 Boosts mood & energy levels Feel better, happier & generally improve your life by standing up straight & opening up your body - it makes a bigger difference than you may think.

 Improves breathing & focus - When you slouch frequently, your frontal tendons & muscles shorten; which reduces your capacity and ability to take deep breaths.

Support Nervous System  Proper posture helps your nervous system work more efficiently, which is why posture can affect everything from bodily functions (such as digestion, breathing, & joints) to mood.

Helps burn fat   Standing correctly with the right posture can help you burn fat, gain strength, and benefit your health in the long-term, according to a fitness advice article published in Men's Health magazine.

See A Difference In 2 Weeks


 New innovative solution - Correcting your posture just became SMART. A battery powered vibration motor on our Smart Posture Corrector will alert you whenever you slouch more than 25°. Not only will you now be more aware of when you slouch, but now you will more importantly know when to correct your posture.

 Smarter Long-Term Fix - Our Smart Posture Corrector is not about a quick fix. The calibrated vibration from the posture corrector will alert you when your posture isn't straight; thus motivating you to keep a perfect posture at all times. When your body adjusts to wearing our posture corrector, muscle memory will keep your good posture in place.

 Small price for big results - What's a little bit of money when you're spending it to dramatically improve your health, appearance & your life? Once you feel the difference, you’ll find yourself needing the Zanovi Smart Posture Corrector less while still keeping your posture at its best. Most Smart Posture Corrector users end up needing the brace only during long periods of sitting.

 Premium quality - Highest quality available, made of very soft composite fabric & high-quality nylon tape with breathable holes placed in the back & shoulder straps. Heat dissipation & permeability have been upgraded to improve the comfort of wearing.

 Big battery life - With a massive 500 mAh battery powering over 15 hours of standby time, you won't have to charge often. When you do, use our bundled USB cable that plugs into the central device.

 Easy to wear - Put it on like a backpack, then pull the straps over your shoulders to adjust. It's never been easier to get a perfect posture. 

 Wear it anywhere - Our sleek and easy-to-adjust design allows you to wear the Zanovi smart brace anywhere you go without feeling self-conscious. Wear it under a T-Shirt or Jacket and no one will know where you’re getting that extra boost. You’ll be able to feel and look confident anytime, anywhere.

 2 in 1 - Our Smart Posture Corrector can also still be used as a traditional brace when turned off. This gives you the flexibility to continue using the brace with or without the smart feature. 

 Works for all age groups - The Zanovi Smart Posture Corrector works for all age groups, whether you're in school, working, have kids, or even grandkids. It's fully adjustable to fit almost all torso sizes. 

 Promotes habit building - The smart brace has features to allow habit building, which is crucial to kids still growing, as it allows them to build habits early on to have proper posture. Be a role model and start building good habits together with your loved ones.

 One size - Our Smart Posture Corrector comes in one universal free size. Suitable for Chest sizes between 28" to 48". It's perfect for both men, women, and children. 

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The Zanovi™ Smart Posture Corrector has helped over 1000 customers fix their posture and enjoy healthy, aligned posture! Order yours now and receive 40% off for a limited time only!


What's In The Box?

  • 1 x Smart Posture Corrector
  • 1 x Micro-USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

FREE "How To Free Yourself From Bad Posture" EBOOK

Zanovi Free eBook: How To Free Yourself From Bad Posture - Perfect Posture Guide

Everything you need to know about posture all in one place! We have compiled various different resources into one eBook just for you, to help you understand your posture better. Purchase our Smart Posture Corrector and get the eBook included in your order for FREE. You'll see a download link after you placed the order and we'll send you a separate email with the eBook in it. 


  1. Awareness
  2. How Did It Get This Bad?
  3. Tips For Fixing Bad Posture
  4. Effective Workstation Checklist
  5. Quick & Easy Stretches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews

As described! Adjustable and not annoying. Comes with battery charging cable. Very well packed.


The goods went very long, more than a month. Easy to use. Too sensitive, begins to vibrate at the slightest tilt. In fact, it needs to be worn only when you sit on the spot, for example, you work at the table. In other cases, when you walk around the apartment and do household things, he vibrates without stopping and strongly annoying


Very stimulates to keep your back smoothly.


Thank you for shipping. It seems to be an amazing item.


The belt performs its function, very sensitive